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Welcome to myPlantFile Pro. Version 15.5 (09-10-2021)
This easy to use database covers 8,800 plants with detailed information on over 3,800 commonly used species of ornamental and native plants, together with their cultivars. myPlantFile PRO comes with a separate DVD photo-gallery of over 16,000 additional images of habit, flower, bark, fruit or cultivars. These are linked to the appropriate plants in PlantFile and your own collection of photographs can be added. 

It is an ideal package for a business who wants to keep the clients informed as all reports, plant lists and images can be converted to PDF format for easy e-mailing. It is also suitable for garden clubs or avid home gardeners who prefer a more comprehensive resource. PlantFile Pro is upgraded regularly with the addition of new plants, revised information and additional photographs. 

PlantFile Upgrade

The number one plant information resource is now even better! 

In our 20th year of production, we are proudly releasing myPlantFile version 15.05 on the 10/6/2020

The PlantFile project has now reached a new level of comprehensive detailed information with thousands of photographs. No matter what part of the horticulture industry you are involved in PlantFile will assist, giving you a professional edge. 

Version 15.05 has over 3,800 species and the photo gallery has swollen to over 16,000 additional images.
Existing customers can upgrade their current CD version of PlantFile at a nominal fee which will vary depending on how old your current version is. Please contact us at or by phone on 0411512238 for more information.

The myPlantFile Pro version 15.05 has voice pronunciation of botanic names, up to date cultivar information and other features such as water usage region of origin maps. All of old files have been revised with more information and images. It is suitable for all Windows platforms including 7, 8, 10 and 64 bit processer.

MyPlantFile PRO
 version 15.5 includes many features including authoring capability, which gives you the power to add your own plant pictures and data. This customisation enables you to build up a unique collection of plants that are specific to your location and needs. 

User Input Screen


Image Entry Page

Key Features for adding plants include:
  • Drop down selections on many fields to assist documentation
  • Pictorial glossaries on all botanic features designed to assist documentation.
  • Text boxes for all key features where data can be typed or pasted in.
  • Your photographs can be added by copying from the clipboard or from a folder.
  • Back up option for completed work.
  • Your completed work becomes a part of your copy of PlantFile with all of the features listed below.
myPlantFile Pro PC CD features include:
  • Two licenses, ideal for your lap top and desk top computer (suitable for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10)
  • 42 categories of information on each plant including cultivation requirements, flower, fruit, bark, growth habit, water usage and more.
  • Pest & disease information linked to each plant species including control methods.
  • Up to 5 detailed photos for each plant highlighting leaf, flower, fruit & habit, plus a photo gallery with over 17,000 additional images.
  • An option to add up to 99 of your own photographs to any of the plants in the photo gallery.
  • Simple search that allows you to select plants for landscape criteria such as growth type, plant use water usage, mature height, aspect and much more.
  • The advanced search allows you to select plants on botanical features such as growth habit, leaf, flower and fruit features. (key out plants)
  • Plants can also be searched using botanic or common name, family or cultivar name
  • Creation of unlimited selected plant lists for individual clients, or gardens. They can be archived to hard disk or memory stick as a back-up.
  • All reports including plant lists, fact sheets and images can be turned into PDF format for easy emailing to clients or friends or printed with your contact details at the top.
  • TALK feature for all species with actual voice pronunciation and phonetic spelling of botanic names.
  • Selected plant lists can be turned into PDF or available as a text file that can be imported into spread-sheets or other applications.
  • Each plant has a users comment page for personalised information.
  • myPlantFile Pro is regularly updated and registered users receive future upgrades for a nominal fee.
myPlantFile Pro has been available since 2009 and is commonly used by landscape professionals or plant collectors and botanic gardens.

The team at PlantFile would like to thank the thousands of loyal supporters that made this upgrade possible. If you have just discovered PlantFile Version 15.05 you will be rewarded with the most compressive plant database on the market. It is available on CD or online and as an iPhone and Android App. Whether you are upgrading from an older version at a discounted price or purchasing myPlantFile Pro for the first time Version 15.05 has a lot to offer. Released 10/5/2021
myPlantFile Pro
3,700 Species
Selected plant lists
Additional photo gallery
PDF function
2X licence
Text file capability
Add your own plants
Pest and disease info
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