Student Discount Price
Student Discount Prices

If you’re a student studying horticulture, landscaping or other related subjects, look no further than PlantFile version 14.7. With fast and easy access, PlantFile gives you immediate study information on commonly used ornamental, native plants and their cultivars that are included on the majority of tertiary education study lists.

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Students receive a discount on all CD versions available and you can always upgrade from the Standard version to a Pro version: 
Students can purchase all versions directly online, however a valid form of student ID and a college name must be emailed to us prior to purchase.
Student Discount Price

The PlantFile CD

Students of Horticulture 25% OFF - STD ONLY(Student ID required) with For students of horticulture and related studies discount.
Please email us prior to purchase at with your student ID and college name to gain approval.

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    PlantFile on (02)9924-0381
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